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Examining Genesis 1-3

When I began studying the topic of women in ministry (I have so got to find a better way to refer to this topic), I was quite unprepared for how much Genesis 1-3 figured into the discussion. I was expecting to see a lot of argument about Genesis 3:16, but wasn’t the rest of it pretty straightforward?

Evidently not, according to some. This is rather serious, seeing as these chapters are are considered a pivotal foundation for any discussion on gender roles. Raymond Ortlund Jr., a contributor to a leading complimentarian book, said it about as bluntly as one could hope: “As Genesis 1-3 go, so goes the whole Biblical debate.”

Whoa. I guess we’d better take a closer look at these three chapters. Read the rest of this entry »


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12 Reasons I Love the Book of Daniel

  1. It says a great deal about the End Times.
  2. Daniel’s example shows us how to live godly lives in the midst of great ungodliness — especially key for the End Times.
  3. It teaches us a lot about intercession and how radically God responds to it.
  4. It teaches us to trust in the sovereignty of God.
  5. It teaches us to fear God alone, not transient, mortal humans.
  6. It demonstrates that God is a deliverer and vindicator.
  7. It casts vision for a long-term journey in God (Daniel walked steadily with the Lord for more than seventy years).
  8. It gives us hope for the age and the kingdom to come.
  9. It trumpets the value of humility and the foolishness of pride.
  10. It confirms future prophecy with tons of historically fulfilled events.
  11. It’s the first place to call Jesus “Son of Man” — which was His favorite title for Himself.
  12. It will provoke you to fast and pray.

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