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30-Day Humility Challenge

I’ve still been thinking about body image. A lot. I just can’t shake how important it is that we declare war on the superficial, appearance-based value system that our world so loves and promotes. I’m burdened with how all-consuming this thing gets if we let it take root in our hearts, and how drastically it impedes our ability to love and to receive love (from God and others). I feel more strongly than ever that, especially as believers who value the fasted lifestyle, we have to be clear on this in order to stay safe. We daren’t spend the fast either hoping we lose a lot of weight, or else worrying that it might slow down our metabolisms and make us fat.

This is not only important for those people with diagnosed eating disorders. This is not just for people who are already “just fine” and shouldn’t worry about their looks (“unlike MY tubby/pale/pimply/wrinkly/otherwise ugly self,” we might think). This is for any one of us who ever looks in the mirror and sighs unhappily about what we see. Read the rest of this entry »


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King David: Putting His Money where His Mouth and Heart Are

I’ve been reading through the Old Testament lately, and I’m nearing the end of 1 Chronicles. Now, I’ll admit, this is a hard book. Among those who have tried such things, it is ranked right up there with Leviticus and Numbers as one of the prime killers of the “Read the Bible in a Year” plan. There are tons of geneaologies in this book, which, I’m sure I’ll appreciate one day when I’ve actually gotten a better grasp on biblical history, but for now, it just kind of runs into a blurry list of names I can’t confidently pronounce.

Before I accidently say something stupid against the Holy Writ, let me clarify: The reason I said the above is to say, don’t count out the hard books. Yes, 1 Chronicles is not an easy read, but there are little gems sprinkled all throughout it. And I’m sure the more I grow in the Lord, the more of them I will spot and appreciate.

The one that’s particularly grabbed my attention is towards the very end of the book, where King David puts his money where his mouth is. Or, more accurately, where his heart is, as we shall see. Read the rest of this entry »


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Life of David

Our worship team is listening to Mike Bickle’s series on the Life of David right now. I don’t have much time to write on it at the moment, but let me give a summary:

When you get called, love God, be humble, and serve like crazy.

When you get promoted, love God, be humble, and serve like crazy.

When you get demoted, love God, be humble, and serve like crazy.

When you get persecuted, love God, be humble, and serve like crazy.

When your promise is delayed, love God, be humble, and serve like crazy.

When you step into your full calling, love God, be humble, and serve like crazy.

I think I’m detecting a pattern, here.

Suffice it to say that this is a very good series, the Lord’s really speaking to me through it, and I’m doing a lot of, “I repent… help me grow” kind of prayers. The good news is that one of David’s big revelations was also about the kindness of God, and His delight in us. So it’s an arduous journey, but we have a really good Shepherd to lead us. (Just read Psalm 23 — which David wrote, by the way.)

I do hope to go into more detail soon. I’m learning and re-learning a lot as I listen, and I can’t wait to finish out this series in the next week or two.

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