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Best. Sermon. EVER.

I’m working on a post on Genesis 1-3 right now, to continue the series on exegesis of passages pertaining to women’s role in ministry. Hopefully that will be out in a day or two.

In the meantime, I want to highlight what is perhaps the clearest, most inspiring, all-around gripping sermon on night and day prayer I have ever heard. I’ve heard a lot of them in the past seven years. All of them have been really, really good. And I’m not exaggerating about this one.

Stephen Venable rocked FCF this Sunday with his message. Download the mp3 by clicking here. Get the notes (Word Document) by clicking here. Or go directly to IHOP-KC’s website and watch the video archive here. I was at the 6:00pm service. It rocked.

Go. Listen. Watch. Read. Get inspired to pray and worship more. And then do it more.


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Trinity Stuff

This less-than-profound title is the most I could muster up for the subject of an email I wrote today.

I’m auditing the class “Existence and Majesty of God” in the NightWatch School of Ministry right now, taught by Wes Martin and Luke Wood. It’s a great class, and today we talked about the Trinity — half of the session was going through the Athanasian Creed and related Scriptures, and the other half was a lot of “What?” “Whoa!” “I don’t know…” and “My brain hurts.”

A friend of mine and I were talking about it some more during the class break, and she basically asked me to email her with what we had discussed. Let me tell you, trying to put words to the doctrine of the Trinity is one of the most intimidating things on earth. Most of the effort of writing is trying desperately to skirt heresy. Things like, “When speaking of the Triune God, should I say ‘He’ or ‘They’?” and “Dare I attempt to postulate what things would be like if God were only one Person, instead of three?” AUGH.

That might explain why it took me an hour to write four paragraphs. Read the rest of this entry »


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More to Life

Every now and again, I get slapped in the face with the reality in which most of planet earth lives. I got good and stirred up over this subject a month or so ago, listening to a radio show that had various self-help improve-your-life topics inserted between the music. Topics of great importance, like losing weight, maintaining your lawn, losing weight, improving your credit score, losing weight, saving money, and getting in shape… Oh yeah, did I mention losing weight? After not very long of enduring that mess, I got so fed up I shut off the radio.

I see these little helpful articles everywhere. I get them in emails. Internet popups. Posters. Billboards. Thousands upon thousands of sound-bytes, snippets of sage advice to make your life happier and more fulfilled.

They usually make me want to throw something. Or maybe preach. That’s a better option, come to think of it.

The more I see of the wisdom of this world, the more I’m convinced that the fasted lifestyle is worth it. I begin to feel like Solomon might have when he penned Ecclesiastes. “Everything is vanity!” All that we work for, stress out over, and lust after, is so fleeting and meaningless. If what the world offers me is all there is to life, count me out.

I am so glad that there is a bigger picture. God is coming to the planet. He wants friendship and partnership with us now. All things will be made new and will be restored to glorify His name. There is a Way offered to us that allows us to lay up treasures in heaven that cannot be destroyed — treasures that actually carry value in eternity. I don’t want to waste my life on things that will fade away in but a moment. I’d rather sow myself into a real and living God and know true happiness, in this age and in the next.

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It’s a Snowy, Thoughtful-Like Day

We got several inches of powdery, fine snow last night. It’s been way less dangerous than our recent ice storm (which, thankfully, melted off Thursday).  The roads are definitely less than ideal, though, so I’m planning on doing minimal driving.

Today,  we normally have our Word of Life Bible study. However, after watching several cars fail to make it up the hill in front of my house, I decided not to ask my friends to try and hazard the drive. We canceled. I took my time to get ready for the day, preparing for our team’s home group… which, per a call from my worship leader, also was canceled. An email went out a couple of days ago saying that our normal NightWatch staff meeting was canceled. So Saturday, which is normally one of my busiest days of the week, is now wide open until my regular hours at the prayer room tonight. Which gives me some time to sit down, drink an egg nog spiced chai (YUM… yes, I’m at Higher Grounds right now), and just think… Read the rest of this entry »


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