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Sin, pleasure, and really ugly shoes

I saw an ad on the Internet the other day that was promoting some website that sells shoes. There it was in the sidebar, in all its tacky marketing glory. A pair of platform heels was featured in the picture, with this caption beneath: “Sinfully Unique.”

I had to do a double-take to be sure I read it correctly.

Um. When did uniqueness become a sin? I’m pretty sure “Thou shalt be bland and indistinguishable from thy neighbor” is nowhere in the Ten Commandments. Leaving aside the fact that the shoes were hideous, which might persuade me to say that there was something fundamentally wrong with them, “sinfully unique” is a laughably confusing description.  Read the rest of this entry »


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It’s worth saying again…

God likes you.

No, don’t just keep going. Stop, take a deep breath, and read it again. Maybe say it out loud. “God, You like me.”

This is something that we hear a lot, especially those of us who are here at IHOP, or who just hear the teachings. Because we are so familiar with the concept, it becomes too easy to breeze past it. Too often, I catch myself subconsciously slipping into a sort of jaded apathy: Yeah, I know God likes me. I’ve heard that sermon a dozen times before. It’s sweet that all the new people cry about it, but I’ve been here long enough that I have that issue settled and that box marked off.

Uh, Amanda… reality check. You don’t have it settled yet. Not even close.

I’m hazarding a guess that I’m not entirely alone in this.

It’s good to know that God likes you. But do you know that God likes you today? Have you thought lately about the fact that His eyes are on you, right now, and He is just as delighted in you as He was the first time you heard the message of intimacy? Have you remembered recently that His heart is deeply moved every time you look His way?

This really does affect everything. When we pray with a revelation of God’s emotions towards us, prayer becomes a whole lot easier. It’s no longer an exasperating task, but a labor of love, lifting up our voice to a God who is undone with just one glance. When we pursue holiness, it’s no longer a list of do’s and don’ts.  It’s a way to spend ourselves at the feet of the One who delights in us, to know Him more and to say yes to Him all over again. As we engage with the heart of God, the opinions of this fallen world matter a little bit less and the hope of our calling ignites in our hearts a little bit more.

If it’s been a while — or even if it hasn’t — take some time to talk to the Lord today. Ask Him how He feels about you. Ask Him to remind you again of His affections for you. You don’t have to live on yesterday’s encounter. His delight is still in you. His desire is still for you. His banner over you is still love.

It’s worth saying yet again. God likes you.


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The God Who Hears Prayer

On Friday nights (Saturday mornings, for you day-folks), I get to prayer lead Worship with the Word for a wonderful lady who is also an excellent worship leader. We’ve been singing through Psalm 27 for a couple of months now, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to do so. The more we do this psalm, the more it is opening up to me.

Last night was amazing. Read the rest of this entry »


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