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When Unprofitable Servants are Served

If you read this blog, I imagine you have been keeping up with the awakening meetings taking place at IHOP-KC. If by some remarkable chance you haven’t heard, the Holy Spirit has been moving on us (especially on our student body) in an unusual way lately. You can watch live meetings Wednesday-Sunday, starting at 6pm (Central), as well as watch some amazing archives and testimonies, at

You can read the explanation of what is going on at the IHOP website. Plus, you can go read a couple of great posts by Zack Hensley and Randy Bohlender  with some further thoughts on the meetings. As I consider what has already been said, along with what could be said, and how much I’m still trying to get my own bearings on things right now, it is hard to decide how to write about this. At one level, I have to say something — we are having healings, deliverances, and salvations breaking out after all — but at another level, what can I say? (Except for: “Seriously folks, if you haven’t tuned in to any of it yet, get on sometime this Wed-Sunday.”)

This has something to do with the pronounced lack of blog posts so far this month.

Yet as I was reading through the book of Luke recently, I was struck with two passages that exactly speak to what I’ve been feeling about this season of awakening. Read the rest of this entry »


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Reason #1,256,384 why Daniel Lim rocks

Daniel Lim was preaching tonight at FCF about the wilderness, and pulled this brilliant observation into his sermon:

Why did John the Baptist wear camel hair in the desert? “To camel-flage [camouflage] near the camels.”

Fantastic. I love it.

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Defining Faith – Hebrews 11:1-2

So… long story, but the commentary is still not done for my study group, even though graduation was about a month ago. I’m still plugging away, and we’re almost done. I just finished writing on Hebrews 11 (which, by the way is an amazing chapter), and thought I’d share some thoughts on the definition of faith in 11:1-2…

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“So what are you going to do when you graduate?” III

So at last, after several days and a lost post-in-progress (sigh)… we come to the point I had in mind from the first post. How did taking three years of Bible school help equip me for a lifestyle of fasting and prayer? Or from another angle, if I went to a preaching program, what am I doing sticking around on the Night Watch?

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Another Snippet from Luke

I want to finish up my “So what are you going to do…” posts soon, but I’m not feeling well right now and am a bit too fuzzy-brained to write. Check that… a lot too fuzzy-brained.

However, I’m still plugging away at our FSM commentary project with what minimal brainpower I’ve got, and thought I’d share another excerpt. This is a little mix of both Sarah-Beth and CJ, with me editing it together — a three-for-one deal. 🙂 It’s on the Lord’s Supper in Luke 22.

 At dinnertime, Jesus and His apostles reclined at the table. Jesus said to them, “With fervent desire I have desired to eat this Passover with you…” (22:15). The first word translated “desire” is the Greek word epithumia, meaning a desire, craving, or longing. It is most often used to refer to evil desires, and is frequently translated as lust.  This word carries the negative connotation of longing for what is forbidden. The second occurrence of the word “desire” is a translation of the Greek word epithumeo, which is used to describe a longing for something which is good and right.

What Jesus is saying is that which He desired to have, He could not, because it was forbidden. God created humans with the intention of having communion with them. However, when we sinned and yoked ourselves with darkness, we could no longer have free access to God. What fellowship does light have with darkness (2Cor 6:14)—how can a holy God allow wickedness in His presence? As things stood in the creative order, God could not have that which He desired (epithumia). Yet His love was so deep that He desired (epithumeo) to make it right, good, and acceptable for Him to again have unhindered fellowship with humanity. He gave His own holy and royal blood for a sinful wicked harlot (Hos 1:2), so that she could be His bride (Rev 22:9). It was a baffling exchange: His death for our life, His descent for our exaltation, His humiliation for our eternal glory. This was His great desire. This longing to celebrate this final Passover caused the Lord no little pain, yet He nonetheless was intensely desirous to demonstrate His love upon that cross. 


“So what are you going to do when you graduate?” II

So after a couple of random entries, I’m ready to get back on track by answering my second question from the earlier post: What is ministry? There are many kinds of ministry that we’re all familiar with, and different ministries will immediately come to mind for different ones of us. Pastoring, teaching, serving the poor, evangelizing — these are all tremendously important and valid aspects of our life as the body of Christ. However, there is one that we, as the Western Protestant church, generally tend to overlook: ministry to the Lord.

It’s somewhat of a disarming term. After all, God needs nothing from us. He’s not insecure, wounded, or incomplete without us. Yet He invites us to minister unto Him. This is not merely about rendering service; this is about entering into a real and meaningful fellowship with the Most High God. It’s truly stunning to consider.

All believers are exhorted to boldly share our faith, but only certain believers are called to be evangelists. All believers are to care for one another, though only some are appointed as pastors. All believers are encouraged to prophesy, but there are specific people called as prophets. In the same way, all believers are to minister to the Lord in worship, prayer, and devotion, but some are specifically called to minister to the Lord as their full-time vocation and primary ministry in life. I believe that this is my primary calling.

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“So what are you going to do after you graduate?”

This is a question that I’ve heard a lot since being at FSM. It’s a valid one; after all, school is always (hopefully) unto something. You don’t go to medical school “just because.” You go to medical school because you’re planning towards a career in that field. People go to law school to become lawyers. People go to beauty college to become hairdressers and makeup artists. Etc., etc., etc. Now, God might interrupt those plans later, but that’s a whole other post…

At any rate, for a while, I didn’t quite know how to answer this question. It makes tremendous logical sense that, since I’m in preaching school, I should be graduating with plans to start a church, or to move to Siberia for missions, or to head for the nearest street corner with a bullhorn and soapbox, or something. I’ve gotten some funny looks from people when I answer, “I’m going to pretty much keep doing what I’m doing… Night Watch.” Looks of puzzlement. Looks that seem to say, That’s it? Why did you bother with the past three years, then?

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Group Effort “Glory to God”

Continuing work on our commentary for FSM… I really enjoy this section. It’s commenting on the song of the heavenly hosts in Luke 2:14. The three paralells are from Joel Green’s commentary on Luke, the original idea is from CJ, and the fleshing out of the writing is me. Nothin’ like a little teamwork to make the commentary come out right.

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Thoughts on our commentary

The year four Apostolic Preaching Program students just finished having our weekly class with our practicum leader, Ian R. It’s caused me again to look at what we’re doing with our New Testament commentary and see again what it’s doing for me, and my little team of people who are working on it. I’ve been learning several lessons in this awesome, humbling, difficult, glorious project.

  1.  I really appreciate the people I work with. Really. My little team of writers is amazing, and all bring such unique strengths to the table. Even through our rocky journey of figuring out how to do this as we go, bearing up under tight deadlines and heavy workloads, they have all done so with amazing attitudes and a spirit of excellence. I’ve gotten pretty close to these guys over the years of doing Night Watch APP together, but we’re growing even closer as we labor in the Word in a unified way, week in, and week out. Which brings me to point 2…

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Oh… THAT’s what I was Thinking

Follow-up on yesterday’s post… perhaps it’s a little tacky posting this before I’ve actually handed in the assignment, but there’s only about 45 minutes before class starts. I figure this little paper can’t get in too much trouble before then.

So… the paper was supposed to be 800 words. And this one is over 1,900. Forutnately I asked Rich yesterday, and he said he was fine with overshooting the word count. I wonder if he was planning on me blasting clean past it without a second look. Somehow I get the feeling I can find 5-7 minutes worth of stuff out of that to ramble about.

That makes this post a pretty long one, but I really enjoyed writing it and hope you will enjoy reading it.

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