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One More Reason to Care About the Poor

Last night I got to drop in on the FSM class Q&A that goes along with the Saturday night EGS. Normally I am unavailable at that time, but this week I was actually able to go. Because I’m a teaching assistant for the Friday night class, I get to drop in on the Saturday session whenever I’m available. It’s a great time of learning; the students write down questions about the book of Revelation and the End Times to be answered by the class facilitators (who I will come to in a minute).

Anyway, I was in the class, and one student submitted a question that went something like this: “What about the poor and totally oppressed people in the earth who haven’t heard about Jesus? Will they be spared the judgments, or will they perish?” Read the rest of this entry »


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I just finished watching the movie Therese for the second time since it was given to me. For the second time since it was given to me, it has made me cry. If you want to be provoked, this is a movie worth watching. It is not exactly the most expensive, the best produced or best acted film out there, and I admit it’s colored through the glowing admiration that biographical works tend to portray. But right now, I really don’t care. It is an absolutely lovely film that pierces me every time.

For those who haven’t seen it, the central character is Therese of Lisieux, a young woman in who lived in France in the late 1800’s who became a Carmelite nun. Her autobiography is a spiritual classic in Catholic writings. This is a girl who really gave herself to loving Jesus by living out the Sermon on the Mount.

Two particular parts of this movie get to me. The first is when she is entering into the monastery at age fifteen. I have cried both times here, identifying a little too closely with what it’s like to leave my father’s house to pursue my calling in God. But that’s not primarily the part I wanted to blog about. Read the rest of this entry »


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More to Life

Every now and again, I get slapped in the face with the reality in which most of planet earth lives. I got good and stirred up over this subject a month or so ago, listening to a radio show that had various self-help improve-your-life topics inserted between the music. Topics of great importance, like losing weight, maintaining your lawn, losing weight, improving your credit score, losing weight, saving money, and getting in shape… Oh yeah, did I mention losing weight? After not very long of enduring that mess, I got so fed up I shut off the radio.

I see these little helpful articles everywhere. I get them in emails. Internet popups. Posters. Billboards. Thousands upon thousands of sound-bytes, snippets of sage advice to make your life happier and more fulfilled.

They usually make me want to throw something. Or maybe preach. That’s a better option, come to think of it.

The more I see of the wisdom of this world, the more I’m convinced that the fasted lifestyle is worth it. I begin to feel like Solomon might have when he penned Ecclesiastes. “Everything is vanity!” All that we work for, stress out over, and lust after, is so fleeting and meaningless. If what the world offers me is all there is to life, count me out.

I am so glad that there is a bigger picture. God is coming to the planet. He wants friendship and partnership with us now. All things will be made new and will be restored to glorify His name. There is a Way offered to us that allows us to lay up treasures in heaven that cannot be destroyed — treasures that actually carry value in eternity. I don’t want to waste my life on things that will fade away in but a moment. I’d rather sow myself into a real and living God and know true happiness, in this age and in the next.

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Another Reason the Kingdom is for the Childlike

Have you ever seen two babies interacting together? There are three little guys and one little gal on the KC NightWatch right now. I love seeing when two parents will bring their babies together, and just watch their faces. Their little eyes are wide, and excited squeals ensue. It’s as if they’d never seen another baby before. In a world full of giant, grown-up people who can walk and talk and feed themselves and do all sorts of things that a six-month-old can’t yet understand, it must be terribly exciting to meet someone else your own size. I can just imagine the thrill of finding another little person who is learning and experiencing the world for the first time, just like yourself.

As I was watching one of these exchanges today, I was struck with Jesus’ exhortation for us to become like little children. We grown-ups have gotten so used to living among people that we have ceased to be delighted by them. C.S. Lewis once said something to the effect that, if we were to see each other as we will be in eternity, we would be tempted to worship each other. I think of how, in the age to come, we will be able to fully appreciate the wonderful creation of God — each other. I can’t wait until the body of Christ is glorified, and my eyes are finally opened to the full beauty God has placed in every saint. Just think about it: even someone who tries your patience now will be a blast to be around in the age to come. When all of our inner issues are settled and the sin nature is done away with, we will be able to fully appreciate each other for who we are.

But I don’t want to wait until then. I want to get a glimpse of that now, even with people I already like and appreciate, but especially with people who are at odds with me. I know my dim little eyes haven’t seen the half of what God has built into this wonderful Body of Christ, but I want to see. I want to begin loving and delighting in people with new eyes… to see them as Jesus sees them… to see them with the eyes of a little child.


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My One and Only Venture into Tech Blogging…

Now, I’m not a tech person. I enjoy playing with cool gadgets, but I’m usually not motivated enough to keep up with them. Who is releasing what gadget when, what features does it have, how many gigs does it have, is it Bluetooth compatible… It’s like a foreign language to me sometimes, a foreign language that I don’t have the energy to learn. I am only volunteering to comment on this, because it’s a bit of news that no one in the free world can escape — the release of the iPhone.

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