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Jesus is fully God – The Word

Loving, Giving, Saving

There is a critical truth that many Christians can quote, but not nearly as many actually think about. It’s easily dismissed as “that thing we learned in Sunday School,” considered so elementary that it’s now trivial. Sometimes we even roll our eyes at it, because it’s showing up on yet another cheesy bumper sticker or sandwich-board sign. But in reality, it is one of the deepest, most profound revelations in Scripture.

I’m speaking, of course, of John 3:16.

I’ve been meditating through the book of John for our Christology Bible study, and have been stuck on John 3:16 for a little while. Here on Christmas Eve, it only seems appropriate to take some time and write about it. As we celebrate the birth of Christ, God giving us His only Son, I’ve loved looking at what that entails and what it says about His heart. What I’m about to share with you is only a little bit of what I’ve been journaling in the prayer room — I definitely encourage you to take this verse and run with it on your own, and see how it hits your heart.

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John 3 is Starting to Make Sense!… Sort of.

So while meditating on the Gospel of John, I’ve run into chapter 3. There is some weighty, powerful stuff in John 3. “God so loved the world…” Go think about that one for a few years. No, I’m serious.

However, as cool and significant as John 3 is, it has also been a bit intimidating to me for a long time. I would read it, scratch my head a little, feel a bit excited in my spirit, but not having a very clear idea of what was happening. One of the things that has perplexed me for awhile was Jesus’ seeming ADD throughout the conversation. Depending on how you read it, it can seem like He disregards Nicodemus’ questions entirely to preach about whatever happened to be in His head at the moment. I mean, right off the bat, Nicodemus gives Him a compliment, and Jesus returns the favor by stating that he can’t enter the kingdom of God yet.

However, a little adjustment in how I think of Nicodemus has changed all of that for me. Read the rest of this entry »


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Something for which to be Thankful

With Thanksgiving come and gone, I have had some time to take stock of what I’m thankful for. Many things come to mind. There are the basics of life that God has been so faithful to provide for. There are the people in my family whom I love dearly and who have been such a place of safety and support for me all my life. There are my excellent comrades here at the House of Prayer, whose company I have particularly enjoyed over turkey dinner… and turkey dinner again… and leftovers. There is the fact that God has set me as a “watchman on the wall,” getting to spend my life before Him in prayer and service.

Yet because of the studying I’ve been doing lately in Christology, one thing is standing out to me above all. Perhaps it sounds a bit cliche. Perhaps it sounds a bit religious. But I can’t help myself; it’s completely blowing me away this year. I’m thankful that God became a Man.

Meditating on the book of John has been absolutely undoing me. Who is Jesus that He would become so utterly humble, so near to us? What kind of pure humility and love does it take for the uncreated God to assume human flesh forever? What kind of beautiful Sovereign would voluntarily constrain Himself to the body of a baby, coming into the world through the messy and common avenue of birth? Read the rest of this entry »


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The movie is never as good as the book…

…especially if the book is in the Bible. Especially if it’s one of the Gospels. Especially if it’s not one of the first three Gospels. But we won’t name names.

I know a lot of people who love this movie and it moves their heart. Somehow I’m not picking up on that same feeling. I watched the movie for the second time ever tonight, expecting to like it better than I did the first time I saw it. If so many people are that excited about it, maybe I just missed something the first time around?

Apparently not. 

There are a couple of sweet spots in it, but overall, I find myself more bugged than heartwarmed. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with the movie, and they stay super accurate to the text — which I definitely appreciate — I have never managed to get into it. Maybe I’m too critical. Maybe I don’t love the Word enough. Maybe I’m too much of  a writer and am planning in my head how I would have done it (as if I know anything at all about making movies). Maybe it’s just that He is so infinitely awesome, that any movie which tries to capture that is bound to look a little lame in comparison.

Quite probably I just need to get a grip. And waking up later than 12:15pm probably won’t hurt either.

Although I will say that “Jesus wept” does not equal “Jesus’ eyes watered,” which is what happened in the film. Two tears. Oh well…


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Oh… THAT’s what I was Thinking

Follow-up on yesterday’s post… perhaps it’s a little tacky posting this before I’ve actually handed in the assignment, but there’s only about 45 minutes before class starts. I figure this little paper can’t get in too much trouble before then.

So… the paper was supposed to be 800 words. And this one is over 1,900. Forutnately I asked Rich yesterday, and he said he was fine with overshooting the word count. I wonder if he was planning on me blasting clean past it without a second look. Somehow I get the feeling I can find 5-7 minutes worth of stuff out of that to ramble about.

That makes this post a pretty long one, but I really enjoyed writing it and hope you will enjoy reading it.

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