Observations from Today

28 Mar
Hello, almost-April

Hello, almost-April

Observation #1 – Just because a bunch of sun-deprived, stir-crazy people decide it’s time to be Spring (which applies a number of us here) — there is no guarantee that the Lord will agree. 🙂 Photographic proof is above.

Observation #2 – My cold-weather boots are mostly waterproof. Mostly. Granted, today is probably the nastiest, slushiest, wettest terrain to try and slog them through, but I’m wondering if it will be wisest to try again for boots next year. Good thing I got these on clearance.

Observation #3 – It doesn’t matter much if you wear two layers of socks if your boots are only mostly waterproof.

Observation #4 – Few things merit venturing out of the house in five inches of slush and getting wet socks. But I did it anyway. Worth it? Maybe not, but it at least means I get a good story. (Which, by the way, is my motto for a growing number of adventurous things now… “Either it will be good, or it will be a good story”.)

Observation #5 – Missouri weather is capable of precipitating not just snowflakes, but snowballs. Seriously. You know it’s pretty cool when you can actually hear the snow hitting you.

Observation #6 – Missouri weather snowballs are just small enough to lodge neatly in one’s ear, given the right strength and direction of wind. It is very exciting when this happens.

Observation #7 – Missouri weather snowballs are also capable of circumnavigating eyeglasses to land in open eyeballs. This is also exciting.

Observation #8 – As annoying as getting snowed in is, there are more productive things to do about it than complain. The last time we had an absurdly late snow, it was actually a prophetic sign confirming one of Julie Meyer’s dreams. The thrust of the dream? Every time we saw the snowflakes fall to the ground, we were to understand that the Lord was saying, “Righteousness, righteousness, righteousness, purity, purity, purity.” The following rains meant “Grace upon grace upon grace.”

True, that was then and this is now, but can it ever hurt to pause and remember again? Even — and dare I say, especially — in the type of weather that is very apt to help us sin with our mouths (grumbling and complaining). As we are forced to reckon with our smallness and the Lord’s “bigness” and sovereignty — powerless to control the weather that God has a treasury full of (Job 38:22) — it’s a great opportunity to gladly submit to His leadership and ways once again. It’s the perfect time to consider how good of a Shepherd He is and how our best only option is to trust Him and love Him in every season of the soul.

God is good. He is an amazing shepherd. He is fiercely committed to bringing forth righteousness and purity in our lives, and is eager to give us (and help us to walk in!) the grace we need to do it.

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One response to “Observations from Today

  1. yining

    March 29, 2009 at 1:50 am

    love it! (your progression of observations) –wow thats a lot of snow! 🙂


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