The Moral Dilemma of a Society That Devalues Life

01 Mar

A few weeks ago, a young woman in Florida went to have an abortion. Through the malpractice of the doctor, the baby was born alive at twenty-three weeks. One of the owners of the clinic (who, by the way, does not have a medical license) scooped up the little girl with all the afterbirth, placed her into a biohazard bag and threw her away. This has understandably generated outrage from the pro-life camp. Thankfully, the response from the pro-choice camp has also been negative. Such a situation should not have happened. The doctor responsible will likely be stripped of his license. But thus enters the moral dilemma.

A baby born at twenty-three weeks has a “slim but legitimate” chance of survival. If the  baby had been born prematurely in a hospital, she would have been rushed to the ICU, given oxygen, and hooked up to IVs. Doctors and nurses would have fought around the clock for her life. It is obviously right that this tragic situation should be newsworthy, and it is obviously right that it should be roundly condemned as inhumane.

The thing that gripped me when I read this article, though, is this: If that baby girl had not come out whole and breathing, but came out instead in pieces through a vacuum hose — it never would have made the news.

Something is dreadfully wrong with this picture.

Joanne Sterner, with the National Organization of Women, said in the article that she was disturbed by what she heard. Her response? “I know that there are clinics out there like this. And I hope that we can keep (women) from going to these types of clinics.”

In other words, “If only this young lady would have gone to a better clinic — one that ensured she never saw the face of her baby, one that kept everything quiet and hidden so that the fetus maintained proper sub-human status, one that would have ripped the baby apart in utero before throwing her in the trash — that would have been so much better. The solution is not to stop killing babies. The solution is to do it more subtly and professionally.”

We have passed the point where we can claim that we don’t know what we’re doing to our children. The young woman in this news story herself had a change of heart when she “came face to face with a human being… And that changed everything”. She named her daughter. She came to terms with the fact that a little girl died that day. All the while, abortion rights advocates are simply insisting that women shouldn’t go to the kind of clinics that allow it to happen that messily. Evidently what you don’t know or can’t see won’t hurt you.

This is why we need to pray earnestly for revival in this nation. Our society has so dulled itself to justice and righteousness that we end up with ridiculous double-speak. At one level, we have to raise an outcry against the cruel discarding of a live infant. At another level, we don’t dare infringe upon our women’s “right” to choose. So the end result is that the child is a sub-human blob in the womb, but a live baby a second later when he/she gets a lungful of air. It doesn’t make any sense logically, and it should repulse us morally.

I am convinced that prayer is the crucial way forward in this. We want to see changes in laws. We must contend to see righteous legislation put in place. But if the hearts of this nation don’t change, we’ll still find ourselves unsure of how soundly we can condemn throwing out a newborn in the trash. This should not be a dilemma to our society, but it is. Therefore we, as the Church, must cry out to God for revival. We must cry out for an outpouring of the Spirit that may provoke hearts to turn to the Lord. We must choose to serve the Lord; we must choose life over death.

Let’s keep pressing in. If you haven’t heard of them already, I would highly recommend checking out Bound4Life, “a grassroots prayer mobilization movement targeting the ending of abortion, the increase of adoptions and the reformation of government and society through spiritual awakening”. Get connected, get involved, and pray like lives depend on it… because they do.


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3 responses to “The Moral Dilemma of a Society That Devalues Life

  1. John Barker

    March 2, 2009 at 1:04 am

    Love your heart on this Amanda. I am boiling! It is amazing how they confuse the real issues and distract you from the real outrage that a person is being murdered en utero during every precedure. The whole article was really about the malpractice of the doctor, if he would be striped of his license. Not that Shanice was inhumanly scooped into a red biohazard bag after being carelessly knocked to the floor.

    As a parent, my heart is breaking for this little girl…. Please, anyone reading this right now, pray. Stop waht you are doing and ask God for His justice to break in and end abortion in this county and send revival to America to awaken us to what we are doing to our young. Amanda is right, this is the Only way we are going to win this war for the the lives of the unborn in our nation.

    Jesus, we plead your blood on our sins, and the sins of our nation. God, end abortion and send revival to America. End abortion Oh God, and send revival to America. Amen.

  2. christiankane

    March 2, 2009 at 1:50 am

    The nation that slaughters it’s youth cannot hope to long survive the wrath of God.

    The spirit of this age has so dulled us to death, dismemberment, sexual immorality and the like that the only reaction to an unjust end is “meh…… wish they could have gone a different way.” The thing to notice is how much of the outrage on the pro-abortion side of the argument is about the mental trauma that the mother must have gone through and not about the suffocation of a living infant. Needless to say, America of today would make Ramses II proud…


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