Amusing Verbiage

05 Dec

I really enjoy words. I care quite a bit about how they are used and what they communciate. This is why I both notice, and get a good chuckle out of words that are not well thought-through.

– Seen on an ad that showed up in our mail, an encouragement to share a “wonder-full” gift. I can almost imagine a marketing team getting excited about this one, going, “Yeah, it’s a word play on ‘wonderful’. ‘Wonder-full’! Like, full of wonder!” …which, incidentally, is technically what the word means in the first place…

– A complaint about the Twilight movie, which, for those of you who blessedly haven’t heard of it, is based on a series of books about a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire. The complaint? “The movie made Edward [the aformentioned vampire] all creepy.” No kidding? I mean, they made the vampire creepy? Go figure that one…

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