Daylight Savings Time Began Tonight…

08 Mar

…And all the NightWatchers said, “Amen!”

I mean it. This is such good news. For you day folks who have never been on NightWatch and may not quite know why we’re so excited, let me explain:

Daylight is a very good thing. In the winter, there’s less of it. When one sleeps from 7:00am-3:00pm, you miss most of it. If you accidentally oversleep one day to 5:00pm (a very bad idea), then you miss practically all of it. I remember three weeks in the winter in my FITN where we had to go to a meeting from 4:00-6:00pm every day. We would wake up, get ready (which takes a while for six girls in a two-bedroom apartment), and head straight over to the prayer room. When we left, it was completely dark already… so that meant we saw the sun for a grand total of, like, ten minutes a day. Not fun.

Anyway. The point is that over the winter months, the NightWatch has very limited sunshine, which, if one is not very vigilant (which I haven’t been), then it can lead to an assortment of less than fun physical/emotional effects. Including even more than usually pronounced paleness (no, I’m not self-conscious… why?).

So, although we do have to lose an hour of sleep, we get an hour of daylight back in the afternoon where it belongs, and out of the early morning where we all should be going to bed anyway and don’t need the sunrise to energize us for that endeavor.

Oh happy day.

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One response to “Daylight Savings Time Began Tonight…

  1. Mark

    March 18, 2008 at 10:49 am

    You guys should get those sun lamps like they have in Alaska! 🙂


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