Word of Life Meeting 11

03 Feb

Today’s meeting was so much fun! We were discussing the end of chapter 6, still on the topic of Jesus being fully God and fully Man.

This is a statement that can quickly put our little Western mindsets on tilt. We want so badly to make it make sense and to line up with our limited ability to understand. However, I love Oden’s comment that only things that are dead can be dissected. Jesus is quite alive (praise the Lord), so trying to scrutinize Him with our logical methods is an exercise in futility.

History has more than proved this to be the case. Even church fathers, who approach Christology with a heart of faith, struggle to find language to discuss it. Classic theology is full of admittedly flawed analogies and painstakingly worded creeds to try and clarify exactly what it is we do and do not know. Some have tried to sort out, “Well, as God, Jesus could do this; and as a human, Jesus could experience that”, trying to ascribe different feelings and actions to each of His two natures — yet having to pause continually to stress that He is one unified, unconfused Person.

Let’s face it. When we try to explain the inner workings of the Incarnation, we are officially way out of our league.

However, rather than becoming frustrated by this, we should actually learn to appreciate it. If Jesus could be categorically filed away, He wouldn’t be worth worshipping. When approaching the subject of Christology, it is good and valuable to learn and wrangle with the language, to discuss difficult points, and to seek to understand more than we already do. But it is critical to remember that we’re not running after empirical data. We want a worshipful heart. We want relationship with a real Person with real feelings who is really alive and who really wants us to know Him.

Today, we took a couple of significant detours that, while not exactly on topic with our reading, were well worth discussing. We talked about how God hears prayer and is so gracious and kind to us in the process.  We talked about what it was that moved Jesus to weep when Mary told Him that Lazarus was dead (John 11:32-35).

We didn’t make it all the way through this section due to a short time limit and a lot of worthwhile bunny-trailing. But I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion and am looking forward to next week.

And speaking of next week…

Next week: We will be reading the first two sections of chapter 8, which cover the topics of the circumcision and the baptism of Christ. Chapter 7 is good reading, and I would recommend scanning through it. But it gets a lot into the discussion of the veracity of the gospels, etc. — it’s good stuff, but I’m pretty sure we will all agree with it to begin with. I don’t want to spend a whole meeting talking about theological arguments; I’d rather talk about Jesus. 😀 So again, chapter 8, the first two sections.


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One response to “Word of Life Meeting 11

  1. Dan

    May 18, 2016 at 9:24 am

    Amanda, I understand this word Theandric to mean restoration to the grace of God in My Heart By Baptism into Christ Communion and the receiving of the Holy Ghost in My heart by the Word of God and God (Creator Father) is jealous of His Honor and His True Word…welcome to the Garden of Eden again………………..


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