Thinking about the Millennium again

30 Jan

No prize for guessing what has provoked my mind to jump down this bunny trail.

The government will actually work right in the Millennial Kingdom.

Think about it. Taxes are no longer going to be a headache. I suppose the tithe counts as a flat 10% tax. But I firmly believe that there will be no wading through dozens of forms, no looking for loopholes, no legal mess to sort out.

There’s not going to be a bureauocracy. There will be appointed leaders and rulers, sure, but there won’t be endless red tape. The system will not be so blasted complicated. And I think those annoying little “take a number” machines will be gone, too.

There will be no political campaigning, because the King isn’t running for election. There will not be perpetual angry debates, because there’s one Man whose word will always be true. Nobody’s going to be bought off or bribed. There won’t be infighting in the governmental system.

To be clear, I don’t want to turn this into an anti-government post. I think that our country is doing the best it can with a bunch of fallen, broken people. I can’t think of a governing structure that would do any better than the one we’ve got. But, praise the Lord, one day this is finally going to work right. Everything from the little annoyances to the serious injustices will be taken care of, once and for all.

I cannot wait for the day when the Lord takes His great power and reigns (Rev 11:15-18).

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Posted by on January 30, 2008 in Life Happens..., My Two Cents, Random


One response to “Thinking about the Millennium again

  1. xristosdomini

    January 30, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    Yeah, I’m pretty much convinced that those little number dispensers are of the antichrist and will have their place in the Lake of Fire… right next to the IRS. Those little dispensers are the bane of much of man’s existence, “I just want to get my car registered, Why are you making me play Keno?!?!”

    Although there is something pleasurable when they call YOUR number… and look at all the sadsacks left in the room… yeah, I’m cool… they called ME first. Okay, it’s pitiful, but you gotta take pleasure in the little things, right? Just that in this case it’s a 2″x4″ piece of paper.


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