Invisible Ice of Doom

12 Dec

So we’ve been getting freezing rain for the past couple of days. The lawn is all icy, the sidewalks are terrifying, but for the most part, the street has been good. Between the trucks salting the road and the people driving over it, the ice has not been sticking there.

Tonight, I was in the IHOP parking lot. I tentatively tested the ground, and everything seemed solid. I took a couple of cautious steps, then I assumed that the rest would be fine.

I know, I know. Assumptions rarely turn out very well.

I deduced that there was black ice on the ground by the fact that I was suddenly spinning and flying through the air, like a pro figure skater who was failing to land a triple toe loop. Somewhere in the process I dropped all my books, landed on my rear, scraped open a knuckle, and when it was all over, I was on my stomach, pointed in the opposite direction of where I started, wet, cold, and very glad that no one else was outside at the moment to witness it.

So I’m sore and I’m bruised, but I’m wiser. Funny how I refuse to take any chances about black ice when I’m driving, but on foot, I somehow thought I’d be safer. Like I would actually have a good mix of both traction and coordination.

Well… now I know. Oh well.

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Posted by on December 12, 2007 in Life Happens..., Random


One response to “Invisible Ice of Doom

  1. Mrs. I.

    December 12, 2007 at 11:21 pm

    Amanda, so glad you weren’t hurt any worse. Black ice is NOT an enjoyable thing. Apparently, we in PA are going to have our turn tomorrow. I have to say that I am not looking forward to its arrival!


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