The Bots are Out to Get Me

09 Dec

So every few days, I’m finding myself linked to a blog which has nothing to do with the content I write. The blog which links to me purports itself to be about learning the basics of Photoshop editing. Now, I’ve poked around at some of the fun tools in Photoshop, and I can doctor up a decently cheesy picture in it (i.e. the last picture on this post). But as far as doing anything technical, even basically tecnhical? Pfft. Not at all. I push buttons until it looks good, and I have learned to become good friends with the “undo” function. But I’ve never blogged about it… er, not until now, anyway.

The catch is that I used the word “basics” in this post, which the aforementioned spambot-generated blog picked up on, quoted, and linked to me. “Basics.” That’s it. And I’m getting a hunch that there will probably be more non-human sites that link to this very post you’re reading right now, because I actually used the terms “Photoshop” and “basics” in the SAME POST. Whoa. But I’m sure, as with the others, the evil botblog will be deleted in a few days by the lovely WordPress admin people (thanks!), or at least by the lovely WP spambot-killing bots (yay!).

Right now I’ve got a link from a blog which offers me name brand prescriptions at shadily discounted prices. The post they link to? This one, which is pretty much a listing of scriptures which talk about Jesus.

And I must admit, I can’t figure that one out.

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One response to “The Bots are Out to Get Me

  1. Dorean Beattie

    December 9, 2007 at 2:32 pm

    Maybe God figured people trying to get shady medications needed to read about Jesus…


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