Musings of a Traveler

28 Oct

We’re back. We had a much, much easier trip back to KC than we had en route to Philly. Praise the Lord for on time flights, that’s all I have to say. And I do consider it a bonus that one of my suitcases was the very first one off the plane at the baggage claim. My other bag was fifth or sixth. Way, way fun. 

Right now, I am crashed in my room with my feet up. Planes can be awfully cramped little places, and it’s nice to stretch out in familiar, stationary turf. As I recall our trip and look at the next few days and weeks ahead of me, I find that I have relatively mixed feelings about everything.

For starters, it was really, really good to get away for a while. It is also really good to be back. There’s a sweetness in returning to the “everyday,” to the familiar. At the same time, the “everyday” includes paying bills, unpacking, finally getting around to organizing my desk, etc. And again, the “everyday” includes running hard after God with a great group of people who have come to be like an extended family to me. I will see them tonight for the first time in more than a week — and when you’re used to seeing someone six or seven days a week, ten days’ absence feels like a long time.

One thing that strikes me as particularly odd is that last night, I stayed in my parents’ downstairs room in Philadelphia. Right now, I’m relaxing in my own room in Kansas City. And you know what? …It doesn’t feel all that different. Driving through Philly, I saw a grand old city with a large population and a whole ton of personality. Driving through Kansas City, I saw a city I’m much more used to, much smaller, much more spread out, and not quite as long of a history. But it felt so much the same.

Basically, it’s causing me to really think about the fact that my home is not primarily in this age. I’ve lived in a number of different geographical locations in my life, yet God has not been bound to any of them. My identity does not depend on what longitude and latitude my house is set upon. My inheritance is not bound in getting to live in a cool, happening city, anymore than it is tied to living simply in a lower-profile city. My home is in God, and I will dwell with Him forever as He joins heaven and earth together at the restoration of all things.

I loved getting to see Philadelphia. I am glad to be coming back to Kansas City. But my home — my real home — is with my Maker.


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