Word of Life Bible Study – Meeting 4

29 Sep

We had a fun discussion today. We finished talking about chapter 2 of Word of Life, which focuses on Jesus’ deity.

A lot of our discussion centered around the idea that there can be no ambiguity as to who Jesus of Nazareth is. Either He is God, or He is not worth following. To borrow C.S. Lewis’ famous quote, He is either liar, a lunatic, or truly and really God. It is impossible to receive Jesus as a good teacher and not also receive His testimony as God.

We also looked a little bit at the evidences Oden listed as supporting the idea of Jesus’ deity. Our biggest focus points were the Biblical evidence (the list of verses on p. 45), the testimony of the martyrs, and the evidence that redeemed lives necessitate the existence of a Redeemer.

We also spent a great deal of time talking about the confrontiveness Jesus had towards the Pharisees of His day, especially seen in the Gospel of John. Modern scholars can argue in circles all day about what Jesus meant when He made certain claims, but the Pharisees sure seemed to get the point of what He was saying — which is why they wanted to kill Him.

We also dialogued a bit more about prayer reading, and what the discipline of it is, and what it looks like for different people. Some people may sit on the floor and weep for hours over a specific passage. Someone else may write an entire notebook’s worth of notes. Others will sketch. Others will only write out a few sentences, but their heart will move. Some will receive inspiration and revelation on certain theological concepts and passages on more of an intellectual level. The heart and the mind are both involved, but it will take different tracks for different people.

So again, I’d love to hear what you think of the book, any thoughts, questions, revelations, etc. I’d also like to hear about what passages you’re pray-reading, and how it’s going for you. Let’s talk about Jesus. 🙂


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