Awesome Quote

21 Sep

I was reading in the book “Word of Life” today, prepraring for our study group tomorrow. I came across this excellent quote by Luther:

If He had at least expressed it more moderately and modestly and had cast it in a more reasonable form, such as: I am the light of this country, this kingdom, house, people, or of this temple, we would let it pass. But it is pitching the sermon very high to burst into boasting in this way, to take the entire world at a bite. …It is the language of presumption thus to stop all mouths.

[quoted in Oden, p. 39]

I love it. Jesus says it like it is in order to leave no room for ambiguity. We are left with only two options: receive Him as God, or dismiss Him entirely. You’ve got to appreciate this kind of boldness!

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Posted by on September 21, 2007 in Christology, Knowledge of God


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