Wow, we really are global, huh?

18 Jul

For the past few days, there’s been a leadership summit going on in Seoul, South Korea. Allen and Samuel Hood, Daniel Lim, and I believe a few other people, are leading this conference. I haven’t heard a whole lot of details about it, but I knew it was happening, and I knew it was a pretty big deal.

What I didn’t know until a few days ago was that the NightWatch would be dedicating our 4-6am intercession sets to praying for Korea. The prayer leaders have led out in prayer for the nation, and there is also a very strong representation of Korean nationals here at IHOP praying on the mic in Korean and in English. I love seeing these dedicated men and women awake at times they are normally sleeping, standing in the house of prayer, leading us in intercession — and I want to one day have the authority on my prayers that they do on theirs. I love the unity that it’s brought between the international section and the NightWatch. I love watching our interns and staff pick up the torch and intercede for this nation that most of us have never even visited.

And it has also brought the reality of what we’re doing here back up into my attention, in a way that still almost doesn’t seem real…

The summit is streaming the prayer room from 4-6am (KC time) to watch these prayer meetings.  At that time, it’s just before the evening session in Seoul. We have gotten reports of people weeping during the broadcast, crying out for their nation and being impacted by the fact that a bunch of young adults in Kansas City are simultaneously joining with them from across the planet.

I have had the tremendous, profoundly humbling gift of prayer leading for three of these sessions. It’s so easy for me to look across the room, see my worship team (which is like a second family to me), eighty FITN interns, and fifty or more staff and students (most of whom I know) and forget what it really means to lead prayer. It’s even easy for me to see the cameras as nothing more than a camera operator and a big black lens. I’ve done this for upwards of three years now, so it’s painfully easy to relegate it to “just that thing we do every night”. While I guess this is better than developing an over-inflated ego about it, it still isn’t the truth of what’s really happening in heaven and on earth as we show up — again — for yet another night just like the one before — to worship and pray in our little house of prayer.

But knowing what’s happening in Seoul, I suddenly see more than our assortment of NightWatch regulars and visitors. Suddenly I see a roomful of people, people with real faces and names, attending a summit on the other side of the ocean and really being impacted by our little NightWatch simply doing what we do. And yet it feels so natural that it’s hard to remember it’s real. I’m still just me. The NightWatch is still just a group of young people trying to fast, pray, and love Jesus more. But with the unexpected, brilliant leadership of God over this house, as I stand before a half-full prayer room, I’m also standing before a group of Korean leaders who are very serious about seeing the Lord intervene in their country.

Holey moley.

A definite benefit of this in my life is that it’s driving me again to pursue the voice of the Lord. While I don’t want the cameras to go to my head, I also don’t dare take this lightly. As I, in whatever small way, literally minister to nations, I must know the heart of God. I must have more fellowship with the Holy Spirit. I cannot simply coast. I cannot afford to ride on Mike Bickle’s revelation, or Allen Hood’s, or Stuart’s, or even my own from last week. I need to run after God harder than ever before if I want to stay alive on the inside, and if I want to have anything worth offering to the millions of people who will at one time or another see us on the internet or on GOD TV.

This is for real, people. God is raising up a global prayer movement. It’s about more than our little two hour sets — this is about a Bride coming forth from every people, tongue, tribe, and nation. He knows what He’s doing.


3 responses to “Wow, we really are global, huh?

  1. anita h

    July 18, 2007 at 11:22 pm

    man- and this post is why I am glad that you have the honor and responsibility of leading those 3 prayer time.
    great provoking thoughts.
    Thank you!

  2. Brian Francis Hume

    July 18, 2007 at 11:58 pm

    I came across your blog via your comment on Randy’s blog. Randy is a trip!

    Sounds like an intense gathering…wow! Allen Hood is definitely one of my favorite…a man who preaches with apostolic authority! He has come to our Awaken the Dawn conference here in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The first time I heard him preach, it rocked my world! I haven’t been the same since then…praise God!

    I hear your heart regarding the issue of desiring more authority in your prayer life. Several months ago the Holy Spirit whispered the following in my spirit one day: Contend for authority in prayer and proclamation! Just writing it out causes my heart to long for it…


    Brian Francis Hume

  3. Amanda Beattie

    July 19, 2007 at 2:26 am

    Anita: Thanks. 🙂 You always leave such encouraging comments!

    Brian: I love Randy’s blog. I would love to be as good at it as he is one day. 🙂 And I also agree that Allen Hood is a great preacher. I feel like I want to get saved all over again after I hear him speak… And grace to you as you contend for authority in prayer. Stay the course!


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