Why I Love the Global Prayer Room Teams

20 Jun

With the advent of GOD TV in our little prayer room, we’ve instituted this new thing called “Global Prayer Room Teams.” In short, that’s when a group of people sign up to take a two-hour worship set and sit in the first three center rows of the prayer room. This does a number of practical things for us: 1) It’s a way to step up and help lead the room in prayer; 2) It supports the team on stage to have a bunch of people up front and engaging with the set; 3) It helps the TV viewers see what to do; 4) It helps the prayer room not look completely desolate on camera — otherwise it looks like an empty room with one die-hard on the front row. Not exactly encouraging to a viewer who feels alone and barren in their prayers.

On the NightWatch, worship teams and prayer room teams have been signing up together to do this thing. I’m not a natural front-row kind of person, so I honestly wasn’t too overjoyed the first time I heard the news. But I was determined to be a good leader and try to roll with it.

God is so awesome in the way He sets things up… I have now discovered that I absolutely love doing this.

Firstly, it’s so encouraging for me to have my whole worship team together in those front rows. The first night we did it, I could hear Richard singing three rows directly behind me, Christina one row back and to the right, Donna a little bit behind her, Clay a few chairs to my left… It felt so good to be in the blue gray chairs together, joining together in worship and prayer outside of the sets we normally lead. We felt like a team, even as we were not on the platform or in a briefing.

Secondly, it is so much easier to engage in the set on those first few rows. For real. Especially if you sit on the very front row. Granted, it’s a little chilly there being right under an air vent, but considering that it’s really warm and 102% humidity outside, it’s actually a nice change of climate. But I digress.

On the front row, there’s not a lot to be distracted by. All you see are a couple people to your right and left via peripheral vision, and then the worship team in front of you. You have to crane your neck all the way around to see (and get distracted by) what’s going on in the room, and since you know you’re probably on camera, you have a lot of incentive to avoid doing that. There are no laptops allowed up there, so there’s no e-mail to check, commentary to write, or admin to catch up on. It’s just you, the worship team, your Bible and journal, and the Lord.

When my worship team does the Global Prayer Room Team together, I find myself feeling almost like I’m an intern just in for FITN again… before I got so used to the prayer room that I could zone out… before I found out that you don’t have to stand up and sing the whole six hours a night… before I had to fight to keep my priorities straight for admin vs. encountering the Lord. Ahh.

So to my fellow IHOPers, if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to sit in those first few rows, get yourself up there. If you have been uncomfortable with it so far, give it another chance in your own heart. If you’ve been sitting as far back as you can get away with, try the front row (but save a seat for me!). 😉

As far as this little intercessor is concerned, the Global Prayer Room Team is a very, very good idea. I really believe it’s a gift to us in this season to help keep us focused on doing what we came to Kansas City to do in the first place. Good times, good times.


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3 responses to “Why I Love the Global Prayer Room Teams

  1. Kacie

    June 22, 2007 at 7:03 am

    i agree! i love what the cameras are doing to us in the night, honestly. it makes me want to engage more–not to put on a show, but because the reality of my calling is firm: i bring Christ to the nations with my owrship and intercession. if someone happens to tune in to the PR and sees a bunch of youngsters going hard after God and it makes them want to praise Jesus, i’m all in. and the global prayer room teams deal is glorious as well… getting to bring leadership to the room without being front and center (well, i guess that’s not the best way to put it…) is just really cool. i mean, i run screens, so i’m leading from the middle of the room, i reckon, but getting to sit with my team and just love on Jesus is awesome. i love it.

    sobering reality, nonetheless: with the cameras come not-so-much hiddenness in the eyes of the world. we’re all in now. God help us, we’ve got a big storm a-comin’…

  2. Amanda Beattie

    June 22, 2007 at 7:35 am

    Glorious and sobering. Amen to both.

  3. Kacie

    June 24, 2007 at 1:34 am

    “i bring Christ to the nations with my owrship…”

    so about typos. just what is “owrship”?



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