Seeking Simplicity

17 May

I’m easing out of school one foot at a time, it seems. I have a diploma now (yay!), and am officially graduated, but am still working on finishing up our commentary. All we have left is Hebrews; I hope (very optimistically) that it will get done this week.

I’m also picking up a new job description here at the IHOP-KC mission base: I am now the official content administrator for The Source, a leadership network routed through the onething website. My job will involve managing and updating the website, coordinating articles, interviews, etc. It’s actually a position that has just been invented, so we’re still all figuring out what it entails. I’m excited about it, and am looking forward to what the Lord might have in mind.

But I find myself again in a place of transition. Come to think of it, I think we, as human beings, kind of exist in a perpetual state of transition. And that really is a good thing… it can just be challenging at times. 🙂

As I work on wrapping up the Hebrews commentary, I find myself looking at the next three to six months in the prayer room. What will I be studying? What will I be involved in as it pertains to dance, Fire in the Night, etc.? How will I schedule my day so as to effectively manage the Source and also have a healthy devotional life with the Lord, not neglecting my first and foremost job as an intercessor?

It’s somewhat of an uncomfortable place, straddling two or three jobs, but I actually like what it’s doing to my heart. I’m finding myself seeking the “one necessary thing” (see Luke 10:42) of sitting at the feet of Jesus, spending my life and affections upon Him. I find myself longing for that place of settledness and contemplation, beholding His beauty and marveling, loving Him all the more for the glory of who He is. I am actually desiring the one thing (Ps 27:4).

Actually clearing out my schedule and my internal traffic to get there is an entirely different story, but wanting to do it is half the battle. I want to continue to labor for the Lord, and I want to continue to study the Bible and study theology… but I really am seeking simplicity above all else. It truly is about loving Jesus, and everything else follows…


One response to “Seeking Simplicity

  1. brian

    May 17, 2007 at 7:47 am

    Sounds a little Matt 6:33-ish to me. How totally “sermon on the mount” of you;-)


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