Sliker, you win…

19 Jan

(originally posted 1/14/07 )

David Sliker mentioned on his blog that he thought I should start my own blog. I guess it’s obvious that I had already technically started this one, but I was still deliberating as to whether or not I wanted to keep it going, and really deliberating whether or not I wanted to let other people know about it. Something having to do with the cobwebs hanging off of my old blog, which has not seen any updates for a long, long time.But after seeing some of the IHOPper blogs that are magically springing up all over the ‘net, I realized that I was taking myself entirely too seriously on my old blog, and had really no idea what a blog was for when I originally did it.

I plan to revive it at some point–but that some point is going to be at least a week or two after I graduate FSM.

So anyway, as David Sliker was taking votes for who should be convinced to start a blog… and my name was surfacing enough to make me squirm… and I read this on his page (and I quote):

“1. Comment on here, noting those in our community YOU would like to see begin blogging.

2. They must be someone at IHOP that actually WOULD blog if confronted by me (for I am going to confront our “top five” with this – from whoever you nominate…and blog about it, of course.)” [bold letters added by me]

I caved. I hate confrontation.

Okay, okay, so I know I wouldn’t hate this particular confrontation, but whoever commented on Sliker’s blog, feel free to experience the triumph of knowing I have buckled under peer pressure. And the votes aren’t even all in yet. That’s kinda sad, when you think about it.

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